Thief steals 10 loaded guns from vehicle in Midtown, police say

Authorities say a thief broke into a truck and stole 10 firearms.

It happened in Midtown in a hotel parking garage.

The owner told Atlanta police he was in the middle of moving and his moving company advised them they would not transport his weapons, just his safe.

Atlanta released a BOLO photo of the man they say took the weapons. He was wearing distinctive clothing. He at first was empty-handed in the garage. But another photo shows him with cases dangling from his shoulder and a long storage case at his feet.

Investigators say that long cases housed the long guns.

There are so many firearms that Officer Steve Avery said he would not be surprised if some of the firearms end up sold.

"There is no way to control who might get the guns," Avery said. "The person could have mental challenges, may be underage. It is not good because stolen guns end up at crime scenes." 

The owner said his bill of sale was included in one of the cases. Not a good idea, according to investigators who say gun documents should be kept in a separate place from the weapons.

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