Thief snatches purse from great grandma in walker

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Clayton County Police said they are searching for a thief who snatched a purse from a seventy-year-old great-grandmother confined to a walker.

After FOX 5 aired the report, Thursday Police confirmed a man in a surveillance image is the theft suspect they are searching for.

The ordeal happened the evening of November 20 at the Gulf gas station convenience store off Flint River Road.

"He doesn't have a heart. Ain't no way the man's got a heart in him," said the victim, June Fordham, who recently had hip surgery and needs a walker to get around.

She said her husband was helping her put beer into a bag when a thief snatched her purse from a counter.

"He got the purse and out the door he went. With our age... we couldn't move fast enough to get him," she said.  

She and her 80-year-old husband tried to go after the suspect, but the man had already gotten into a vehicle and drove off.

The store workers told FOX 5 News they gave surveillance of the man to police. 

The woman said the purse contact close to $600 in cash, legal documents, a Medicaid card, keepsake jewelry and pictures of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

She hopes the perpetrator will keep the cash, but pleads for them to return everything else. 

"That pocketbook is my whole life. There's things that can't be replaced in there," she said.