Tex McIver trial delayed until March

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The murder trial of the Buckhead lawyer accused shooting and killing his wife will be delayed until next year.

Tex McIver was scheduled for trial in early March. Prosecutors filed the motion for delay stating it has been unable to examine all the potential evidence.

McIver is expected to be granted bond by the trial judge. He will likely be fitted with an ankle monitor and placed on house arrest.

McIver told he shot his wife, Diane, who was seated directly in front of him while dozing off to sleep while in the rear of the couple's vehicle late last summer. McIver said the reason he was holding a weapon is that he was concerned about the safety of the in which neighborhood they were driving.

Prosecutors argue McIver is a big gun enthusiast. That fact, they contend, makes it even more implausible that he could have accidentally had his handgun go off and send a bullet into the seat where his wife Diane was sitting in their vehicle.

In an earlier interview with FOX 5 News, McIver denied he sought his wife's cash. In fact, he said, Diane's resources amounted to about one-half of his.

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