Tensions between US and North Korea prompt some to prepare

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When it comes to the escalating tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, business had picked up for people selling emergency supplies and bomb shelters.

At Tru-Pre Preparedness, potassium iodate tablets are selling at a much brisker pace than usual.

"This prevents the absorption of radioactive iodine by the body it allows it to pass through instead of being absorbed by the thyroid," said Owner Joey Smith.

He said interest in emergency survival items like anti-radiation tablets, long hold canned food, First aid, and trauma kits, emergency water supplies as well as weapons, has seen an uptick since president Trumps ' fire and fury' comment directed at North Korea.

"Our goal is not to sell panic or fear that's not what we are about. Our goal is to sell peace of mind," said Smith.

Another seller, the NBC, nuclear, biological and chemical gas mask and in Southern California, the bomb shelter

At Atlas Survival Shelters near Los Angeles, the best-selling bomb shelter, Bombnado starts at $19,000.

The shelters are equipped with washer and dryer, bathroom, kitchens and living quarters to live 20 -feet underground for six months to a year.

By Skype, the owner told FOX 5 News. In the past, he has built bomb shelters in Georgia for so called preppers.

"The Shelters I've done in Georgia have been the large-size nuclear fallout shelters, the big one," said Ron Hubbard.

He said Japan and west coast buyers are the biggest bomb shelter buyers at the moment.

"I'm not seeing a mad rush for shelters in Atlanta like I am in some other cities on the west coast that are more at threat," said Hubbard.