Teens playing basketball at parked robbed at gunpoint

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DeKalb County Police are on the lookout for four young men who robbed several young teenagers Thursday after a pickup basketball game in Scott Park.

Yolanda Thomas was stunned to hear four boys and two girls from McNair Middle School were robbed at gunpoint Thursday on the basketball court right across the street from their DeKalb County school on Tilson Road.

"People are out here robbing kids at gunpoint. Kids! That's really sad. I take that personally because I have kids and now I have grandkids who play in that park," said Thomas, who lives across the street from McNair Middle School.

DeKalb County Police Sgt. Jacques Spencer said the victims – four boys and two girls – were just 13 and 14 years. DeKalb County School District officials confirm all of the students attend McNair Middle School.

According to police, the boys had just finished playing basketball with young men who were familiar to the male students.

"Our victims said the young men approached them about playing basketball. They played the game and then after the game, the young men went back to their white sedan and retrieved handguns to rob the victims," Spencer said.

The young victims told police the robbers stole their backpacks, hoodies, shoes, and iPhones after pointing guns at their heads and chests. None of the victims were injured, the police fear the young Roberts crimes could escalate.

"You just have these innocent kids out here playing basketball, doing what we tell them to do and stay safe out of the streets and something like this happens. It's just despicable. Anyone who would prey on kids like this is the lowest of the low. That's why we need to figure out who did this and get them off the street," Spencer said. "The sergeant said increased police patrols in the park will continue as investigators track down the young robbers."