Teens help law enforcement crack down on illegal vape sales

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Multiple agencies teamed up in Cherokee County to combat underage vape sales at stores.

According to investigators, at least 15 teenagers ages 14 to 17 helped in the operation, including Callie Collett.

"It was shocking," she told FOX 5. "I didn't think they would sell to me as much as they did. A lot of people did, and that was scary because I know kids even younger than me get their hands on stuff that they shouldn't be able to get."

They were taken to 87 businesses that sold vape products to attempt purchases.

Out of the 87 locations, 16 stores made illegal sales to juveniles, investigators said.

Cherokee County Chief Marshal Ron Hunton released the following statement about the operation:

"After receiving a number of complaints about underage persons buying these products we were eager to partner with other law enforcement agencies in an effort stop the sale of these products to our youth. I want to thank all the agencies involved as well as our partnership with Cherokee Focus Drug Free Cherokee Coalition in this effort. I also want to remind all retailers in the County to ask for identification when selling these products or any product requiring ID - this type operation will be repeated in the future."

A person must be 18 years or older to purchase vape products in the state of Georgia.

All suspects have a week to turn themselves in.