Teenager injured,hospitalized after fight at high school

A fight between two teenage girls in a Barrow County School sent one student to the hospital. A recording of the fight shows one student slamming another student's head into a wall in the hallway of Winder-Barrow High School in Barrow County.
The injured teen's mother says her daughter has a cracked skull and broken nose, but she is home and stable now.
On Thursday, 17-year-old Iris Narens had to be airlifted to the hospital after her mom said she corrected another student's work in class.
“When I looked at my child, I could see death,” said Iris’ mother, Chrisalena Pringle.
The fight was captured on video and shows the classmates physically fighting. It ends with Iris getting shoved into the wall with a booming thud.
Pringle says this all started in the classroom.
"The substitute teacher allowed the student to go on the board, the little girl got the problem wrong, Iris corrected it so the rest of the class didn’t get it wrong as well," said Pringle.
Then, pringle claims the student made a derogatory comment to her daughter, referencing her race.
“Iris said, if I had mentioned anything about your race, I would be called a racist, so therefore the girl immediately attacked her,” said Pringle.
The Barrow County School Board released a statement about the incident saying it was a "mutual" fight between the two young women.
"This is a very unfortunate incident,” said Assistant Superintendent of Barrow County Schools, Ken Greene.  “We do not condone fighting or any type of violence in our schools. Violence, in whatever form it takes has significant consequences, and is never the answer to interpersonal conflict." 
“Our children are there to be educated and protected, and Iris didn’t get either one of those things,” said Pringle.
Pringle said her daughter and the other student involved are getting suspended for the fight, but she wants school officials to crack down harder on stopping things like this from happening in the first place.
The school board says it's turned this incident over to the Barrow County Sheriff's Office for further investigation.