Teen accused of shooting, killing neighbor's dog

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A 17-year-old Fayette County man has been charged with shooting and killing his neighbor’s dog. 

Phillip Stout’s family claims the dog was running free in the neighborhood and acting aggressively, but investigators tell FOX 5 News that surveillance video tells a different story. They say the dog was locked up on his family’s back deck. They say the evidence supports the belief that Stout shot the dog at close range on his neighbor’s deck and not elsewhere. 

Investigators said Stout has admitted to shooting the dog but insists the dog was on his property.

Investigators have charged Stout with misdemeanor animal cruelty. 

The dog was a 7-year-old rescue mix named Reese. In a picture provided to FOX 5, the dog is seen cuddling up in an armchair with the family’s cat.

Home security video seized by Fayette County Sheriff’s investigators apparently shows Stout walking toward the neighbor’s house with what they say was a pellet rifle.