Tech Tuesday: Hi-Tapo, new app polices the police

HI-TAPO, a free mobile app for Android phones, is a new monitoring and social networking system designed to, as their website states, “provide immediate support for individuals interacting with law enforcement; promote safety during stops; protect against potential rights violations; foster greater law enforcement accountability; and assist in community-building.”

Maria Quiban spoke with Hi-Tapo’s CEO, Martin Whitehead today about his inspiration for creating the app and how it works. You can see that in the video above. So, what does Hi-Tapo actually do? How does it work? You can swipe-and-click, or activate video audio command. Once the app  is activated, live streaming of audio/video immediately begins to record your interaction with the police and GPS tracks and pinpoints your location. Alerts are sent to a list of people you’ve previously setup in the app, which actually allows them to listen to and view your interaction, in real time! Once the interaction with law enforcement has ended, you can hit an “all-clear” button, letting people know that you’re safe. If the all-clear hasn’t been sent after a pre-determined time, an SOS alert will automatically be sent to your network of friends.

The app is free to download and free to use. If you want extended service, there is a $10 a month fee. This gets yo a 24/7 on-demand live concierge. According to Hi-Tapo, what this service does is:

If a loved one is arrested or detained, HI-TAPO activates automatically to help locate your loved ones, whether in jail or a detention center, and advocate on his/her behalf. The concierge service is $9.99 per month or $109.99 annually. 

To try the app, you can download it for Android phones, here: Download Hi-Tapo for Android