Teacher pushes for change to dangerous Woodstock intersection

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After two women and a child were killed in a Woodstock intersection back in September, one local teacher decided to take action to make streets safer.

Teacher Scott Bagwill lives just minutes away from the intersection of Arnold Mill Rd. and Hubbard Rd. He saw the aftermath of the accident and said he "woke up just wanting change."

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So, he started a petition to get a crosswalk, lights, and sidewalks installed at the intersection. The petition got more 5,000 signatures, and the mayor and City Council agreed to implement the changes.

"People can now feel safe enough to cross at that intersection and don't have to worry about playing 'Frogger' in the road," Bagwill said.

He just hopes this will help people have fun more safely.

"I don't want to see another tragedy like this happen again," he said

FOX 5 News spoke with people at the park across from the intersection that regularly hosts large concerts, and many said they're thrilled with additional safety measures for pedestrians in Woodstock.

"It'll just make everyone feel more comfortable and put everyone at ease coming to the concerts," neighbor Kristen Little said.

In a statement, the City of Woodstock said that it made completing the pedestrian section of the intersection a priority before the start of the Summer Concert Series.