Suwanee man reports wheels stolen from car

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A Suwanee man plans to move after waking up Saturday to discover his car balanced on a propane tank and a concrete block after thieves stole his wheels.

"We were kind of just in shock," recalled Blake McCracken.

McCracken and his girlfriend had just bought the Honda Accord Sport and moved into The Residences on McGinnis Ferry in Suwanee about three weeks ago.

He said he had returned home around 1:00 Saturday morning and believes the wheels were stolen sometime between 1 and 5 a.m.

"It was very disappointing, because this is the latest thing that we spent a lot of money on and to have that all stripped away is, it's just disheartening," said McCracken.

Another man in the complex reported a similar incident to police last month.  Thieves took the wheels from his Dodge Charger and left it up on landscaping pavers.

McCracken said one of the most frustrating things about the whole incident is that he could not get a tow truck to haul his car away because it does not have wheels. His insurance, however, will cover the cost to replace the wheels.

"That doesn't fix my peace of mind," McCracken explained. 

Suwanee Police said they have had multiple cases like this over the past few months.