Suspected gang member wanted for aggravated assault runs from deputies

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The Fugitive Unit of the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office is on heightened alert, searching for a 19-year-old man considered armed and dangerous.

Adding to their concerns is Emmanuel Holcomb is believed to be a member of a dangerous street gang.

Body cam video shows a deputy speaking to a family member inside a home about Emmanuel Holcomb.

Less than 30 seconds later Holcomb is spotted.

The deputy makes a U-turn running out the front door in pursuit of the 19-year-old who got away after jumping off the roof at his family’s Snellville area home.

“He’s in shirts, tennis shoes, no shirt he lost a tennis shoe when he was running through the woods. Allegedly he’s a Blood, he’s part of a gang,” said Lou Solis, the Chief Deputy of Operations with the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office.

He told FOX 5 News Holcomb is facing five aggravated assault and five possession of a firearm by a felony charges and seven misdemeanors including striking an officer and eluding police.

Solis said Holcomb may be armed and is considered a person of interest in a drive by shooting.

He said Holcomb was arrested after a SWAT standoff late last year at the same home where he fled from.

“Mr. Holcomb was threatening to come out shooting so they could shoot him,” said Solis

A woman at the home wouldn’t answer the door but Solis said Holcomb’s mother told him her son doesn’t act his age.

“The mother told us as far as, you know, he’s 19 years old but he acts like he’s 12 or 13,” said Solis.

Only adding to safety concerns for Holcomb and law enforcement and anyone who else who may cross his path.

Next door neighbor Louis Dunton told FOX 5 News he saw Holcomb outside the home hours before the Fugitive Unit arrived to arrest him.

“So I wish he would turn himself in so the cops won’t get him, god forbid something worse happens to him, you know,” said Dunton.

Anyone with information on Emmanuel Holcomb is asked to contact the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office tip at 770-619-6655 or our Warrants Unit at 770-619-6800. There could be a reward involved.