Suspected drunk driver arrested for speeding, hitting police car

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Police say a drunk driver, who was traveling at 100 mph, has been arrested after she smashed into a Villa Rica police car, causing significant damage.

Authorities say the potential for serious injury or worse was so great after a woman rammed into the back of a patrol car on Interstate 20 Monday night. The squad car was going 70 mph down the freeway and was hit by a large SUV allegedly traveling 100 mph.

The officer’s car, a 2010 Ford Crown Victoria, had major damage to the rear.  Luckily, a liquid propane tank in the trunk did not rupture.

Police charged Sarina Thames of Carrollton with driving under the influence, following too close and driving on a suspended license.

Police said the officer she rear ended on I-20 in Douglas County Monday night was an experienced cop behind the wheel. But had it been a civilian or even a rookie officer, police said the consequences could have been far worse.

the night of the incident, onboard video from the patrol car showed that it was busy night on I-20.  A motorcycle is shown passing the officer on the left side. The video then captured a car pulling up beside the officer then passing him on the left.  In the rear view camera, it was possible to see headlights coming, growing brighter, and then, at impact, the collision damaged the video recording and footage turned black.

Police said they are not surprised that alcohol was allegedly involved.

Despite having some minor injuries, the officer involved is going to be fine, police said. He is at home, recovering. 

Thames has been released on bond.