Sunday alcohol sales voted down in Carroll County

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It was a big thumbs down Tuesday night for Sunday sales of beer and wine in unincorporated Carroll County.

The Carroll County Board of Commissioners voted down a resolution that would have put the question of Sunday sales before voters.

“I think they lose out on a lot because everybody has to go another mile up the road to spend their money, on the Sunday sales,” said Casey Shelnutt, who was buying beer at a store outside of Carrollton.

And it's going to stay that way after the board voted 4-3 to turn down a resolution to allow voters in November to decide for themselves whether or not to allow Sunday sales. That was good news for the congregation of Roopville Road Baptist church which packed the meeting.

“I think this is a situation where our commissioners need to look out for the best interest of our citizens and kind of being for lack of a better term a guardian,” said Pastor Stephen Peeples.

On the other side, people like Donna Fuller and others who live in cities like Carrollton and Villa Rica, said it irks them that they are unable to cast their yea or nay vote on Sunday sales, considering they have a financial stake involved.

“I pay county and city taxes, so I think that by that right I am entitled to vote on what goes on in the county also,” said Donna Fuller.

The last two attempts to pass Sunday beer and wine sales in the last five years in the unincorporated areas have also been defeated by other commission members.

“Keep on pushing because I mean that's the only way to do it,” said Desiree Healey, who lives Carrollton.

“It's very unfortunate that the city would get to vote about a rural county decision so we felt the voice had to be heard this way,” said Bryant Turner, a member of the Roopville Road Baptist Church.

It was the public's voice heard in the chambers of the board and not at the ballot box, reflecting the wish of the people according to the majority of those who made the decision.

“I've had over 650 to 700 emails in opposition. I've only had five people probably, approach me and say they actually want this,” said Marty Smith, the Chairman of the Carroll County Board of Commissioners.

Chairman Smith said additional tax revenues from Sunday sales would not have significantly made a difference in the coffers of the county. He said it's unlikely the vote for Sunday sales will come up again anytime soon.