Student injured in prom crash reenactment to be released from hospital

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A high school student who fell off the top of a tractor trailer and was airlifted to the hospital during a re-enactment will be released from the hospital on Wednesday. 

Anna Mullinax was in the middle of filming a prom crash re-enactment at Sonoraville High School in Gordon County when she fell.

"She will be at home during her recovery period, which is estimated to be approximately 3 weeks," said an official with Gordon County Schools. 

High school seniors from Gordon County gathered to watch the re-enactment Tuesday morning. It included a couple of banged up cars, student actors, as well as police and paramedics talking to the teens about the dangers of drinking and driving. Anna, who is part of the video production team, was on top of a trailer recording the event.

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“We came up to watch the prom crash re-enactment, and we were about 20 minutes into it when she fell,” says Gabby Ferguson who's a senior at Sonoraville High School. Ferguson said. “Medical personnel started running, they were frantic, I was too, I was shaking.”



There was a medical helicopter on the scene as part of the re-enactment. It was that helicopter that airlifted Mullinax to the hospital. “If it had to happen it couldn't have happened at a better time because everybody was already out here,” said Jennifer Bearden, Anna's aunt.



Bearden says Anna fractured her pelvis and is in a lot of pain, but was still able to laugh a little with her family. “It didn't break her spirit, that's what we're thankful for, and hopefully everything will be okay and she can come home in a few days,” said Bearden.



Anna's mother is a teacher at Sonoraville Elementary and was with her daughter in a matter of minutes. Sonoraville High School principal Bruce Potts was with Anna at the hospital. In a statement released by the school district he said “She is very strong and in good spirits."