Stores taking measures to keep shoppers, employees safe from coronavirus

Long lines and empty shelves can be seen at grocery stores as shoppers stock up on supplies due to the COVID-19 virus. 

"It's monkey see, monkey do. We have to do what we see because otherwise, we are not going to end up with anything," said shopper Myrna Lenor Cabrera.

She said she didn't plan on stocking up on food and supplies but she changed her mind when she saw stores filled with empty shelves. 

"It's crazy, I don't like it. I went to the store and it's empty. Looking for toilet paper, water," Lenor Cabrera said.

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Other shoppers said they came to the same realization.

"I didn't know everybody was buying up everything until yesterday when I saw I went to Kroger and the shelves were pretty much empty. I tried to get out as early as I could today to get all the supplies we need," said Victoria Cabey.

As people rush to prepare, stores are doing some preparation of their own.

They are measures to make sure people coming into and working inside the stores are as safe as possible.

Kroger said it is cleaning commonly used areas in the stores more often, including self-checkouts, conveyor belts, and credit card machines.

Workers are also cleaning the shelves as they are restocked. The shopping carts and baskets are being wiped down.

Publix said it has temporarily discontinued sampling, as well as all demos in the store.