Stolen car found in Cobb County lake 30 years later

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It was bizarre find at the bottom of a lake in Cobb County. Police said they pulled out a 1983 Pontiac Firebird that had been reported stolen 30 years ago.

"It's kind of unnerving but it's exciting too.  I was convinced Jimmy Hoffa was in there," said neighbor Renee Mahaffey.

Neighbors in the Mirror Lakes Estates subdivision first spotted the car after a pipe to the dam burst and the water level dropped.

"We had a mud hole and then all of a sudden a car appeared. it was buried in the mud, barely visible," said Mahaffey.

Cobb County Police said the car was reported stolen in 1989. The windows are gone, there's definitely some body damage and the bucket seats are filled with mud. Neighbors wonder whose car it is, who stole it and how it ended up in the lake.

Neighbors said this isn't the first car that was found in Mirror Lake. They said in June, when there was another malfunction of the pipe to the dam and the lake levels were low, they spotted a different car. A neighbor shared photos of that car. It's a black TransAm.

They said it's curious and interesting, but it doesn't worry them.

"We think it was a long time ago and trees were much smaller and it was easier to push them in at that time. We don't think it could possibly happen at this time," said Jo Darnell who lives near the lake.