Stimulus check sent to man who died in 2018

A Bartow County woman is confused. She received a $1,200 stimulus check for her brother, Arthur Baldwin. The problem is he died in 2018.

"I know of at least one other person who responded on my Facebook post that they received a check for their husband who died in 2018," says Barbara Tarnow.

In 2019, Tarnow filed taxes on her brother's behalf. She settled his estate. Her name is also listed on the check.

"That money belongs to somebody else, somebody who needs it, you know," says Tarnow. "It says he's deceased on the check."

There are reports throughout the country of people reporting they've received checks in the names of loved ones who have passed.

FOX 5 asked the Internal Revenue Service what someone should do if they find themselves in a similar situation. The agency did not respond to the inquiry.

The Government Accountability Office says it is investigating. President Trump says he wants the money returned.

Tarnow, who receives retirement and social security checks, says she does not intend to cash the check. She says she will place it with other paperwork for her brother.