Apple users have option to upload driver's license to Wallet app; Here's a step-by-step guide

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) now offers Apple users the option to download their ID to their wallet app.

This alternative to a physical copy may be helpful for airplane passengers now that summer traveling is in full effect.

Although it is not a lengthy process, a few steps are required to get the convenient option on your device.

After entering the wallet app, click the arrow at the top right and select "Driver’s License or State ID."

Georgia digital driver's license

The app will ask for photos of both the front and back of a license. Then, you'll have to look into the camera and make whatever movements the device suggests. This is to ensure that the face on the license matches with the person setting it up.

The last steps involve electronically submitting the proper documents to DDS, and receiving a notification that DDS is processing the license. The department will send another notification when the download is complete and ready for use.

Having a license on an Apple device may save airport travelers time when going through security. This new option will keep boarding passes and identification all in the same place.