State announces partnership to help secure voting system against attacks

Georgia's Secretary of State and the Georgia Cyber Center at Augusta University announced a partnership to protect the state's election system.

They will work together to help ensure the security and integrity of the state's electronic voting system against cybercrimes.

“People are increasingly confident about the ease of use and the security of the new system as they learn more about it,” Raffensperger said. “The integrity of elections must be the first priority, and this system accomplishes that with paper ballots that can be readily audited.  In this challenging environment, Georgia is fortunate to have national-caliber expertise to help stay ahead of the bad actors. This association is another way Georgians can be confident that their vote will be accurate and secure.”

“Part of the mission of the Georgia Cyber Center is to leverage government, academic, and industry resources to help protect the citizens of Georgia and their information from malicious attacks.  Nothing is more worthy of protection than our democracy and the election process. Our joint work will help increase the security and integrity of Georgia’s election system and increase voter’s confidence in the outcome of elections,” said Alex Schwarzmann, dean of the Augusta University School of Computer and Cyber Sciences, headquartered at the Georgia Cyber Center.

The cyber center will also advise the state on the safe use of the voting systems.

This is all part of an effort to increase voter confidence in the election outcomes.