Spray-painted messages explain why crooks break into businesses but leave empty-handed

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Lori Beth Blaney with Rachel's Gift in McDonough feels relieved after crooks broke into her non-profit – that’s right, relieved.

The criminals shuffled through drawers, cabinets, and closets, but didn't actually steal anything, after tossing a brick through glass windows to gain access to Rachel's Gift and a neighboring insurance agency.

The culprits did, however, leave something.

“We came up the stairs, and there was a wonderful message here on the wall that [showed] their disappointment in not finding any money,” Blaney demonstrated in the stairwell.

In black spray paint, the message read: "You guys have no money? :(.”

It marked the entryway of the non-profit devoted to providing support for grieving parents who lost a child to miscarriage, stillbirth and infant death.

“All of these drawers were open, and had been gone through,” Blaney showed FOX 5’s Emilie Ikeda. “But yeah, here's our can of spray paint, and there [used to be] two of those.”

Spray-painted messages lined the front hallway and the outside of the building, mostly of curse words (notably spelled wrong), but also of inappropriate images and the letters KKK.

Raquel Shell recalled coming to work Monday, shocked by the heavy police presence in her quiet hometown.

"You don't hear of that type of crime around this area,” Shell said. “You barely hear a siren in this area, unless they are passing through to go somewhere else."

Employees are hoping someone may have seen something late Sunday night or early Monday morning. They're encouraging anyone with information to contact the McDonough Police Department.