South metro Atlanta cities crackdown after hundreds attend mega party Labor Day weekend

Residents in the city of South Fulton took action after a big Labor Day weekend party in Chattahoochee Hills created problems in their community.

Resident Robert Jones told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes, "It was hundreds and hundreds of people.  They were jumping on back of trucks, they had buses they were getting on."

Jones and neighbor Angela Clark live in the Hampton Oaks subdivision. Clark described the chaos that unfolded outside the main entrance to their subdivision Saturday.

"Traffic and people everywhere, and people scantily dressed. We came home to a lot of unexpected events," Clark said.

Those residents told FOX 5 a promoter hosted a series of parties at a residence in Chattahoochee Hills Saturday and Sunday. The event reportedly drew thousands of people, many of whom, on Saturday, parked a few miles away in South Fulton, in a vacant field and shopping center parking lot along Butner Road and Highway 92.

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Neighbors and city of South Fulton officials said party attendees parked illegally, threw trash on the ground, and prevented Hampton Oaks residents from using the main entrance to their own subdivision. Residents began making calls.

"We tried to contact as many people as we thought would be helpful in helping us address the problem", Clark said.

South Fulton Mayor Bill Edwards came out to the scene. He took pictures and posted on Facebook stating - "debris everywhere, open container drinking, smell of weed smoking, security guards armed with automatic weapons and a fight breaks out with injury." He noted no one in the crowd wore masks.

Mayor Edwards said over Saturday and Sunday the city of South Fulton worked with Chattahoochee Hills to shut it down and warns the city is prepared to take similar action in the future.

"We will not tolerate this invasion on the quality of life of people who pay taxes in this community every year. We will be on guard. We will be monitoring the social medias, monitoring our neighborhoods."

So will residents who complain the Labor Day event was one of several mega parties held in the area in recent weeks. They're fed up and believe fining offenders and towing illegally parked cars would be a good deterrent.

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