South Fulton teen missing, without medication

South Fulton police are searching for a 16-year-old, who is without his medication and has been missing for nearly a week.

Daven Beasley was last seen at his South Fulton home Sunday, but his sister says she is now concerned for his safety.

Family says Daven does not like to take his medication and he can get irritable from it, but they say Sunday there was nothing unusual about his behavior toward them. They just know he left the house that night to hang out with friends and he hasn’t been seen since.

"I last saw him Sunday night. He was leaving out the house that night. I had just seen him. He was on the phone talking to his friend," Kamen Beasley said.

While he did normal summer "teen" activities Sunday, she said there is one thing she’s seen since his disappearance that gives her pause.

"I checked the Ring camera, and it shows him walking out, well in a rush, really, running on Sunday night," she said.

That’s the last bit of proof of where he’s been. That was Sunday around 9pm when he left his Fairburn apartment complex.

His mom reached out to see where he was headed.

"Two minutes after he left, she texted him and he said he was going to his friend’s house. She texted him again about an hour later. She asked him, ‘Where are you?’ The message didn’t go through," she said.

That has family nervous for a few reasons.

"He doesn’t take his medication consistently. He does have a bit of a temper on him," Beasley said.

Friends say he was headed to the Camelot Apartments on Old National Highway, but his sister doesn’t know what he’d be doing there.

Family filed a missing person’s report with South Fulton and the department is investigating, but the only thing that’ll give Daven’s loved one’s peace of mind is his safe return.

If you think you’ve seen Daven or know where he might be, give South Fulton police a call.