South Fulton police officers help mother, 4 children in need

It's their job to enforce the law but three City of South Fulton police officers say it's also their job to serve the community and resolve problems.

Cornell Madison, Gwendolyn Moseley, and Frederick Brown, all police officers for the city, were recognized for helping out a family in need last October.

Officer Brown responded to a shoplifting call at the Walmart on Old National Highway. He called for backup as he walked into the store. But all three officers noticed something was off. The woman had a buggy full of food.

It turned out, the mother and her four daughters were homeless and just trying to survive. The three officers decided right there that jail was not the answer and decided instead to help. The made several calls and got the ball rolling.

But these officers didn’t just let it stand as being a one-time “get out of jail free” card. Saving up money donated by other officers, the trio continued to help the family.

The officers say just in health care alone that family received about $20,000 worth of care.

The officers say with law enforcement often viewed in a negative light, this is what they want to resonate with residents.

The City of South Fulton declared Tuesday “South Fulton police Department Beyond the Badge Day” in honor of these officers.