Smyrna bans dockless electric scooters

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They're not even in the city, but Smyrna leaders have banned e-scooters anyway. Monday night, city leaders said they didn't want the dockless two-wheelers on city streets.

Over the past couple of months, city leaders have discussed the good, the bad, and the dangerous side of e-scooters. They cited safety as their main concern.

"My concern is these vehicles go up to 30 mph, and that's fast. Our sidewalks are handicap accessible, and often the level will drop off, and someone will be killed I think," said Mayor Max Bacon.

Mayor Max Bacon said he has seen scooters work in other cities like Denver, but said they're just not a good fit for Smyrna.

Shaun Martin understands their concerns. She lives in Smyrna and hopes down the road there will be room for scooters.

"We've got the Braves stadium and so many things coming on board, scooters could be a benefit for Smyrna residents to get places just on the outskirts," said Martin.

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Michael Shuster thinks the city should have given scooters a chance. He said the more scooters, the less traffic.

"I think it's a neat transportation option, gets people out of their cars and into the community, save the planet right? If we sit there and wait for the infrastructure to be in place, we're just going to sit there forever and we're going to be in our cars," said Michael Shuster.

Earlier this year, Marietta banned the scooters before they came to the city.

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