Sketch Released, Attempted Abduction at Cherokee Bus Stop

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Cherokee County deputies hope a new sketch will help them track down a man who tried to abduct a middle school student earlier this week. 

According to the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, the suspect approached a 12-year-old boy in a white SUV as the student walked to his neighborhood bus stop. It has left people in the Wyngate subdivision in Woodstock on high alert. 

Casey Wilson said her son came running in the house yelling “Mom, mom, I need you, come here!” and she immediately knew something was seriously wrong. Wilson said her son was walking to the corner to wait for the school bus Tuesday morning when the man pulled up next to him telling him to get in the vehicle. When the child refused, Wilson said the man said it again in a very stern voice. Wilson said it was enough to frighten the boy who got the attention of a neighbor who called 911.

Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputies put out a warning telling residents to be on the lookout for a man driving a white SUV that has rust, red paint or red dirt at the bottom of the driver's side door. The child described the man as white with short gray hair. He said he had a tattoo, possibly a tribal symbol, on his left bicep. He was clean shaven and wore rounded sunglasses at the time of the attempted abduction. 

Wilson said she's always talked to her son about being aware of his surroundings. She said she's happy he knew what to do.

“I'm very proud of him, but I'm sad that this is the world we live in,” said Wilson.

Anyone with further information about this attempted abduction is asked to call the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office at 770-928-0239.