Shots fired in Atlanta apartment complex puts residents on edge

For two days in a row, police say gunfire in and around an apartment complex in southeast Atlanta has put the neighbors inside and around the community on edge.

Neighbors at the Trestle Tree Apartments say they've had to duck for cover when they heard people start shooting.

"Thank god. Yes, I would have lost my mind if my baby got hit," said mother Natasha Thomas.

Thomas says she's glad her family and little boy Messiah were okay.

Residents at the apartments off Confederate Avenue in southeast Atlanta say they've been rattled by gunfire.

Police say one night bullets even hit cars and they arrested one culprit. The next night they say someone starting shooting again somewhere in or around the complex, but couldn't track where it came from.

Zone 6 police say they've stepped up patrols in and around the apartment complex.

A spokesperson for the Monroe group, which owns and manages the complex, said they've gotten fifty calls from concerned residents. They say they have now doubled security.

Management also tells FOX 5 they fixed the gate, which neighbors say has been broken for some time.