Sheriff: Man shoots mother in back, exchanges fire with deputies

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A rural road in Jackson County was surrounded by officers Friday afternoon after investigators said a man opened fire on his mother and responding deputies.

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It started around 4 p.m. near the cul de sac on Charlie Cooper Road, just northeast of Braselton. Jackson County Sheriff Janis Mangum said 37-year-old Jonathan Wayne Allen opened fire on his mother, striking her in the back. She ducked, rolled under a vehicle to avoid further gunfire, and then called 911, according to the sheriff.

Sheriff Mangum said deputies responding to the scene were fired upon multiple times, striking several vehicles along the street, including a deputy’s cruiser. At least one deputy returned fire, injuring the Allen, who quickly retreated into his home, according to the sheriff.

"The deputies say they were fired upon several times, we don’t know how many times, because they were in the streets and his yard," the sheriff said.

Thankfully, the bullets missed the responding deputies.

“I’m just thankful my deputies are okay and they're not hit, hurt, dead,” the sheriff said a press conference around 8 p.m. that night. “I’m just thankful. That's all I can thank about right now is being thankful.”

Authorities were able to transport Allen's mother, who was shot in the back, to Northeast Medical Center. Her condition was not immediately known but was reportedly talking with investigators about the incident.

Sheriff Mangum asked for assistance from the Georgia State Patrol and Hall County Sheriff's Office to help resolve the situation of the barricaded man.

“All it took was for me to say 'I need some help over here and of course the Georgia State Patrol, Hall County Sheriff's Office not just their SWAT team, Hall County, Georgia State Patrol come from everywhere, Georgia State Patrol SWAT team, Braselton Police, Jefferson Police, they came from all over,” the sheriff said.


Eventually, the sheriff said the SWAT team entered the home and carried Allen out on a stretcher. He was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Mangum said Allen lives in his mother’s home along with a small child. The sheriff said someone was able to remove the child from the home before things escalated. Authorities have since contacted the Jackson County Department of Family and Children.

Several vehicles on the road received damage from gunshots including a UPS trucks, but no one else was injured.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has taken lead on the deputy-involved shooting aspect of the investigation.

Allen has been charged with aggravated assault. More charges are expected in the near future.