Urgent security patch needed for large number of Android phones

Many Android phones out there are vulnerable to a recently discovered hack. If you have an Android, updating your software is a must. 

An IT security company posted to its blog that it has discovered a serious issue in Android chips that affect about two-thirds of the phones sold last year. 

If left unattended, it means hackers can remotely access your private data. 

CheckPoint alerted the two largest chipset makers to the issue. According to the security firm’s website, the problem is patched. But, the problem is not over for you. 

Go into settings and look for a software update. If you don’t, the bad guys can drop in a malicious audio file that you might open and do your phone harm. 

This is a bit inside baseball, but some of you might want more info. Apple has been updating this same audio coding format, but the open-sourced version hasn’t been patched since 2011, per the experts.