Security cameras do not stop home invaders, homeowner searching for answers

A Clayton County resident took extra care to try to protect her property. She spent money on alarm coverage and cameras. 

For four young men, none of that mattered. They donned stocking caps and kicked down her door. 
Sharonda Rudolph-Doe says in the video it looked like the thieves had a map of her home -- they seemed to know exactly where to go to grab valuables. 

While one item was not the most valuable in terms of cost, the theft of her son's video console really upset her. 

Her child is only 13, and she did not want him the feel the pain of this kind of loss. 

The resident has had time to replace the PS4, rebuild her door and even fortify it. 

What Rudolph-Doe says is not as easy to replace is her peace of mind. She became a victim back in February, nearly four months ago now.

Rudolph-Doe says she keeps calling Clayton PD looking for updates. Unfortunately, a supervisor says investigators have no solid leads.