Search for violent cell phone store robber

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Chamblee Police are searching for a dangerous armed robber who burst into a Metro PCS store full of customers to steal hundreds of dollars.

However, the store owner fired his weapon in his effort to chase off the bad guy.

It happened this past busy Monday night at the Metro PCS store on Chamblee Dunwoody Road in Chamblee.

"He had a lot of guts to jump in and rob the store when 10 people were in the stores a small place like this," said store owner Sammy Tuffaha.

The video shows the masked man jump the counter and at gunpoint and steal $800 cash from clerks at two registers.

Tuffaha saw the crime unfolding from a back room on the surveillance system.

He reached for his gun.

Sammy Tuffaha said he fired two shots into the wall to scare off the bad guy.

"I want to scare him and not hurt anyone, my employees or my customers," said Tuffaha.

Chamblee Police tell FOX 5 News the Boost Mobile store next door was also robbed last month.

Investigators add both cell phone stores have also been burglarized in recent months.

Tuffaha has brought in additional security. He says he is also working with other business owners to improve safety and would like to see more of Chamblee Police in the area.

"We need them to have more police officers on the shopping centers especially during the holiday season," said Tuffaha.

Captain Ernesto Ford, with the Chamblee Police Department, told Fox 5 News police are already in place.

"We have a heavy police presence in that area 24-7," said Captain Ford.

He said Chamblee Police will have an even heavier presence in the area after the robbery at METRO PCS.

Captain Ford does not advise other business owners to go for their weapon as Tuffaha did.

"We do not recommend that. We recommend that at the time he saw this was going on, immediately call 911 and just be the best witness possible," said Captain Ford.

Tuffaha said he later worried what might have happened had the robber returned fire but acted on instinct at it was happening.

"In any instance that happened you have a reaction to do something. I always carry a gun when I'm working because it's getting so much dangerous," said Tuffaha.

Anyone with any information on the robbery is asked to contact Chamblee Police.