Scooter riders complain to city council drivers try to intimidate them

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Scooter riders say they feel like they are under assault when they take a spin on a city of Atlanta street.

Their complaints go beyond what we have been reporting to this point: too many accidents including three fatalities inside city limits.

During a city council meeting, riders told the lawmakers some drivers try to intimidate them to get them off the road.

They report being cursed and hearing horns blare at them. They even say some drivers come close in an attempt to scare them.

As the council listened to more firsthand accounts about the controversial mode of transportation, the body put into law a restriction by the mayor placed on the scooter companies.

Those companies cannot apply for any additional permits.

Already, the companies are under a late evening curfew. The vehicles must be turned off at 9 p.m.

Atlanta's department of planning is looking at suggestions to make the roads safer for everyone. Some want to see speed limits reduced to 25 mph.