School: Student draws swastika on football field

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It was a disturbing image found on the Grayson High School football field.

The Gwinnett County School District told FOX 5 News a Grayson High School student is responsible for drawing a swastika on the grass Tuesday morning.

"The student walked on the dew and created the swastika symbol, but by the time the school was notified the dew had evaporated so the image was gone," Gwinnett County School District Executive Director of Communications Sloan Roach told FOX 5.

Many in the Grayson community shocked.

"The fact that it's a young person just goes to show that there's another generation out there that's perpetuating hate," Grayson resident David Sayyed said.

Friday, Grayson High School Principal Dana Pugh spoke with students and sent an email to parents which read in part, "Let me be clear this symbol and the bigotry, hatred and terror associated with it is not welcome at Grayson High."

Late Friday afternoon, the Gwinnett County School District notified FOX 5 News the student responsible had been identified and is facing disciplinary action.