Roswell teen shot in the face returns home to cheers and celebration after months in hospital

A Roswell teen who was shot four months ago is now home from the hospital.

Friends and neighbors cheered and held signs along the streets of the Wexford subdivision in Roswell to welcome Mason Colburn home.

"There was a time we didn't know we'd have this day. Now we're home, and we're so grateful," Mason's mom, Michele, told the crowd that gathered in front of her home.

On March 3, the 17-year-old was in his house with two other teens when police say one of them shot him in the face. Mason was rushed to the hospital. He spent 25 days in the ICU.

He's been in Shepherd Center since March 27, learning how to walk, talk and eat again.

His mom says he's made huge strides in his recovery and celebrates even the seemingly smallest tasks.

"When he took his first sip of water a few weeks ago after he got his trach out, just the tears of gratitude that flowed down his face and he simply said, ‘you take the small things for granted mom,’" said Michele.

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Mason Colburn, who was shot just four months ago, got an amazing welcome home party thrown by his Roswell neighbors on June 29, 2023. (Supplied)

Michele says it's been a difficult journey, but her heart is filled with happiness when she thinks about how her community has come together to support her family.

"We just wanted to support him and give him a little celebration to lift his spirits and his families, so he can start the next leg of his recovery journey," said Patricia Luna.

"This community, the Wexford community, the Roswell community, have taken us and have held us through this whole thing from the calls, texts, prayers, donations, just the love we have felt.  There's still such a  beauty and love with humanity, there really is," said Michele.

Two teens were arrested for their involvement with the shooting. Police say it was "negligent misuse of a firearm among young people".

There is a GoFundMe to help with all the medical bills piling up.