Robbers asked 'for the time' to trap victim

Police said a robbery crew used a very common ploy to distract and corner a victim walking on the street: they asked him for the time. 

No word from investigators if the suspects are connected to other crimes throughout metro Atlanta, but Decatur investigators said the method is often used to stop pedestrians and then snatch their phone or other belongings. 

The ordeal happened last Thursday around 10 p.m. off the 100 block of Swanton Way in the heart of downtown Decatur, as the man got off the bus and started walking. 

Police said two men and a woman approached him about the time, and he avoided them and kept going; soon after, he was assaulted from behind, fell to the ground and was kicked and punched. The robbers took his debit card and fled. 

The man had to go to the hospital for his injuries. 

Police warn pedestrians if they are walking alone, to make eye contact with passerby to let them know you are alert. If you feel like you are being followed, call the police and try to head into a nearby business for safety. 

The suspects' descriptions from Decatur Police are described below, in their community alert: 

Suspect 1: Black male, light complexion, approximately 5’11, approximately 210 pounds, middle thirties, beard, wearing blue sweatpants, and blue Michael Jordan shoes.

Suspect 2: Black male, medium complexion, approximately 6’03, approximately 195 pounds, middle thirties, beard, wearing black pants, a white/orange windbreaker, and black shoes.

Suspect 3: Black female, light complexion, approximately 5’06, brown hair with highlights, wearing black pants

Anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact Investigator Hensel at 678-553-6687.