Residents watch Big Creek for signs of flooding

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Residents along Big Creek in Alpharetta are keeping an eye on the rising waters as a Flash Flood Watch continues for metro Atlanta.

Brian Wynn said it floods the road when Big Creek overflows its banks. He's been around Big Creek while driving for work. His bigger concern is the low-lying areas near water around his home.

“I know on Azalea Drive it gets flooded a lot because of the Chattahoochee River, so I'm kind of afraid of that cause last time it flooded I got stuck in the house for like two days,” Wynn said.

“I know a couple of areas where I'm living, it's the same thing,” said Ruben Hernandez.

Hernandez said he's worried about rising water in his neighborhood near water in particular because of his children.

“You know, where something happens with them, so, it's nothing for me, I'm a little more scared for them,” said Hernandez.

He said he keeps his kids indoors when the water gets deep around his home.

When it comes to traffic and heavy rains, truck driver Robinson Laurol asks drivers to give big rigs plenty of room and slow down.

“Keep a longer distance so whenever you brake, you know you can stop at the right moment, so that's all we can do about it cause it’s God’s work, you know,” said Laurol.

The Flash Flood Watch continues through Thursday evening.