Remembering 'Snowmageddon' 2014: 2 years later

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Thursday marks the two-year anniversary of "Snowmageddon 2014" and we are happy to report there are no signs of wintry weather in Atlanta's forecast! 

The January 28, 2014 snowstorm crippled metro Atlanta for almost a week and caused extreme chaos on the city's main interstates and highways. Dozens, if not hundreds, of vehicles were left stranded after the storm created massive gridlock on the roads. Many Atlanta residents described the aftermath as the opening scene from The Walking Dead.

Thankfully, Atlanta hasn't experienced anything like Snowmageddon, also referred to as "Snowpocalypse," since 2014. We've had a number of winter weather events, but city officials have been well-prepared each time.

Take a look at our photo gallery above – and enjoy the snow-free day ahead -- FOX 5 Storm Team's Joanne Feldman says there will be a few morning showers southeast of town, but sunshine comes back this afternoon. This weekend temperatures will be in the 60's for parts of north Georgia! 

'Snowmageddon' 2014 on Facebook

Here's how the story unfolded on our Facebook page:

The first signs of a snow storm aren't typically flakes falling from the sky...


A few hours into the Winter Storm Warning and FOX 5's Joanne Feldman was already tracking snow showers moving into the state.


Road conditions quickly deteriorated due to a mix of icy conditions and people heading home early. Pictures taken in the early evening already showed the chaos.



By 6 p.m., metro Atlanta roadways were at a standstill and motorists who thought they would be home in a few hours were stuck on the interstates.



It is an image that would be seen over and over again. Motorists stopped on normally busy roadways.



And then the reports that have become the worst fears from parents during winter weather. Children stuck on a school bus many hours after they were supposed to be home safe.



But the spirit of Atlanta and the South combined on social media to form a group where neighbors began to help neighbors.



As the sun began to rise the next day, people woke up to the news that many of those same vehicles on Atlanta's interstates remained there overnight.



The snow and ice on the roadways made many areas simply impassable.



Members of the National Guard were called upon to help stranded motorists.



Emotional reunion stories began to pour in...



The merit of those in the South showed themselves over and over again.



State and city leaders were put on the offensive for their handling of the storm.



And we found heroes were among all of us.



But some folks still were able to have a little fun.



The sea of vehicles on the roadway showed signs of clearing by Jan. 30.



But in those sea of vehicles, reports of babies being born...









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