Radio personality announces lawsuit against Atlanta over traffic stop

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A local radio personality fought back tears as she recounted a traffic stop conducted by an Atlanta police officer.

It began as a minor violation but turned into Qri Montague getting handcuffed and ultimately hit with a Taser.

Montague's attorney, Mawuli Davis, announced he is filing a lawsuit claiming excessive force by officer Lemuel Gardner, as an individual, as well as the city of Atlanta.

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Montague got stopped on Interstate 20. She did not signal changing lanes.

She got out of her car with her hands raised. The officer placed her in handcuffs, which is legal, albeit uncommon.

As the officer got ready to check the vehicle plate on the law enforcement computer, Montague disobeyed his instruction to remain still.

Montague acknowledged she got up, walked to her vehicle to try and change her shirt. That shirt had a company logo on it and the personality says she did not want to embarrass her firm.

Gardner reacted and used a stun gun on the motorist.

The APD got a complaint and began an investigation. The officer quit before that review could take place.

Montague appeared in traffic court asking a judge to dismiss the violations. The city solicitor requested a one-week delay.