Rabid fox bites person in Lilburn neighborhood

Gwinnett County health officials are warning residents to be on the lookout for animals behaving in unusual ways after the discovery of a positive rabies case in Lilburn.

Officials say a fox tested positive on June 3 after biting a person near Wayside Court.

Rabies and other diseases can be transmitted to humans and pets through bites or scratches from wild animals such as foxes and raccoons. Pet owners are reminded to ensure their pets are up-to-date on rabies vaccinations. The National Association of State Health Veterinarians states that unvaccinated dogs and cats exposed to rabid animals must be quarantined for four months and vaccinated one month before release. 

If you or your child have been bitten or scratched by a stray or suspected rabid animal, seek immediate medical attention. Inform your healthcare provider about the exposure and contact the Gwinnett County Health Department at 770-339-4260 to reach the on-call epidemiologist. 

To report the animal and arrange for its pickup, call the Gwinnett Animal Welfare and Enforcement Bite Office at 770-339-3200 ext. 5576.