Some residents push to de-annex from newly-formed Mableton

A major push is underway to break away from Georgia's newest city. Just a few months ago, voters approved cityhood for Mableton. Wednesday night, hundreds packed a town hall to find out how to de-annex from the new city.

"I support local control, and my community, and my neighborhood doesn't want to be in the city," said Patricia Auch, who is part of the de-annexation movement.

State Rep. David Wilkerson hosted the town hall. He says there were areas that voted overwhelmingly against cityhood. He plans to introduce legislation to remove those portions from the Mableton city boundary.

"All the precincts that voted, ‘NO’ have come back and said, ‘Look, we never wanted to be included,’" said Rep. Wilkerson.

Thousands of people have signed a petition to de-annex. Many showed up at the town hall to discover the steps to take to leave the city.

Others just wanted to discover what it would mean to them and the city.

"I voted for it thinking that would make a difference, becoming a city, but now I'm not sure anymore," said Shelley Booth.

There were also a few in the crowd who were just trying to figure out why people wanted out.

"I want to know what they're thinking. It really surprises me. It won and now people are opposing it," said Stephanie Loose, who voted for cityhood.

Meanwhile, plans for the city government are moving forward. Those who want to run for mayor and city council have until Friday to qualify. A special election is set for March 21.