Professional Standards Commission to investigate 6 Gwinnett County educators

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Six educators in Gwinnett County could potentially lose their teaching license. The Georgia Professional Standards Commission voted Thursday after reviewing complaints, alleging standardized testing procedures were violated at Grace Snell Middle School.

This comes just two weeks after Gwinnett County School District officials and investigators from the State Board of Education determined a teacher allowed more than 70 eighth-grade students to write on their formula sheets prior to taking the test.

“It’s like going to court,” said Paul Shaw, Director of Educator Ethics. “You have your day in court and then they make a decision on what the outcome is for you.”

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Shaw said the process can take anywhere from 60 to 90 days, reviewing the evidence and conducting interviews before deciding whether to take any action.

“It can be anything from a warning up to a revocation of the license,” said Shaw.

FOX 5 News spoke to some parents who believe some type of action needs to be taken.

“They are adults, fully aware of what the consequences are,” said Aubry Hollingsworth. “They shouldn’t get slapped on the wrist, they should be punished.”

It will be a few months before the commission will rule on each case.

Shaw doesn’t believe these cases will go as far as criminal charges like we saw with those involved in the Atlanta Public School cheating scandal.

“I would like to think that it’s not as full scaled as it was in the past,” said Shaw. “I think this was a school that misguided and may be interpreted some things wrong. But they will have to suffer the consequences because they did violate the testing standards.”

The Gwinnett County School Board has already appointed a new principal, Darlene Brown. She has already sent a letter out to parents.

“I’m really interested in meeting the new principal,” said Erica Bottoms, parent.

“Do you feel good about this?” Asked Rawlins.

“I’m optimistic,” said Bottoms.

A meet and greet with the new principal is scheduled for June 20 at 6 p.m. at Grace Snell Middle School.



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