Preparing for an active shooter situation

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Multiple police officers targeted in Philadelphia on Wednesday night. The developments played out as people in Marietta prepared themselves to take action in the event of an active shooter situation.

"If I am in a situation where there is an emergency of some kind, I don't panic," says Marietta resident Tasha Mays. "I'll have some backup plans. At least I'll have some training."

Wednesday night's onstage production at Marietta High School focused on saving lives.

"What if someone came in and God forbid started shooting," posed Marietta Police Public Information Officer Chuck McPhilamy. "Would you and I know how to do anything about that situation?"

Should you find yourself in an active shooter situation, officers say avoid the space a gunman may head toward. Also, if it comes down to it defend yourself.

"I loved what one of the police officers said about we don't have his permission to be in line for dying," says Mays. "I thought that was a great take away."

Another tip, run into a room, use your belt to help secure an outward-opening door. Putting the belt over the doorknob or handle will help keep the attacker outside.

Representatives from various agencies also taught those in attendance how to correctly apply a tourniquet and gauze to someone who's been shot. They say that information can go a long way until a medical crew is on scene.

Several agencies are offering free, similar seminars. Check with your local department for information.