Pregnant woman killed in car crash, father charged

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Earlier this year, Likisha Howard lost her mother. Earlier this month, she lost her 29-year-old pregnant sister, Jessica Senior.

"I'm just trying to stay strong through all of this," Howard told FOX 5 News in her first on-camera interview since Jessica Senior's death. "It's just hard, it is a lot."

Jessica Senior died from injuries sustained in a car crash on April 9. The driver of the vehicle was her husband, Antwan Senior. An arrest warrant obtained by FOX 5 revealed that Antwan had a blood alcohol concentration nearly twice the legal limit. It detailed how he swerved down Austell Road, near Kurt Drive, before crashing into the median. The Chevrolet truck then rolled into oncoming traffic, throwing Jessica Senior from the car.

"It's very difficult for me because, like I said, we were really close," Tamara Travis said, as tears rolled down her face. "We were together these last few months like everyday." 

"You can't prepare yourself for something like that," Howard said.

Many in the community are touched by the tragic story -- now helping raise money for Jessica Senior's funeral and her three boys, who have been placed in foster care with their mother's death and father in jail.

Antwan Senior is being held in jail on no bond, facing charges including vehicular homicide and feticide by vehicle.

Howard told FOX 5 the kids' lives could have been at stake too; the couple was on their way to pick the children up from daycare when they crashed. 
"If they did make it to that daycare it would've been even worse," Howard said. "It would've been a whole family gone."

Howard said she is admittedly frustrated that her sister would even get in the car with Antwan Senior when he was drunk, but she added that she still misses and loves her very much and will always remember Jessica Senior for her vibrant and kind personality.

You can donate money for Jessica Senior's funeral and a scholarship for her three boys here.