Police warn residents not to use post office mailbox after mail thefts

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It’s getting harder and harder to mail a letter in Peachtree City. Police are warning residents not to use the mailbox in front of the U.S. Post Office. That’s because thieves have been targeting the box and stealing the mail.

The last time was this past weekend, which prompted police to issue a warning on their Facebook page. Police in Peachtree City said if there’s something really important to mail, walk it inside. They are warning everyone not to use the postal services own mailboxes for now.

Police said that’s good advice no matter where you live. Someone broke into this mailbox in Peachtree City last weekend. The Post Office didn’t discover it until Monday. So, there’s no telling how much mail was stolen or how many people are affected.

It’s up to the post office to improve security at that box, that’s what police are encouraging them to do. U.S. Congressman Drew Ferguson’s office has reached out to police here to see if they can help at the federal level.

The postmaster for Fayette County did not respond to FOX 5 News’ inquiries Wednesday.