Police warn of lawn care larcenists as the weather heats up

As the weather heats up, so does one particular crime. Landscapers have said thieves are targeting their equipment. One small business said it was even hit twice in two days.

Landscaper Chase Connor works hard for his money. Really hard. Yet thieves are working to steal his tools of the trade and taking money from his home.

“The money that would have gone to my kids’ school, food or paying bills now has to go toward buying equipment that I should not have to buy again,” said Connor.

Lawn care larcenists hit him two weeks ago in druid hills and again in this toney Buckhead neighborhood twice on the same job

“Last Thursday and Friday...there was this black truck that pulled up 200 yards away to my left,” said Connor.

Far enough away for two guys dressed like a landscaping crew to quickly, professionally break into his truck and steal equipment.

Landscaper Yamil Garcia has taken precautions. Sandy Springs Police warned him to be aware.

“I was at the gas station, this cop told me to be careful with my equipment,” said Garcia.

Police said backpack blowers and weed eaters are especially popular among thieves. They're fenced at pawn shops and flea markets.

Police said the season hasn't hit its peak yet.

Connor said, as a small businessperson, he can't afford to pass the losses onto customers for fear of losing them.