Police warn about thieves targeting cars in driveways

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A South Fulton homeowner used an interactive doorbell system to scare away a would-be car thief who was trying to steal her pickup truck out of her driveway.

It happened Dec. 8 in the Amhurst Subdivision on West Stubbs Road. The homeowner's RING doorbell security system alerted her, then caught the crook in the act.

"Get away from my car...get the gun, get the gun," she yelled as she watched him on a remote device.

"So when this young man came up and got close to her car, she either got an alert or she was watching it and she was able to talk with him and startle him which caused him to flee away," Lt. Marcus Dennard.

Police say the thieves have targeted high-end subdivisions like Regency Oaks on Enon Road and Amhurst Subdivision on West Stubbs road.

"A lot of these guys are moving to the wealthier neighborhoods and rent high-end cars, so they blend in," Lt. Dennard shared.

Detectives say with the holiday season upon us, bandits are lurking while you are busy at work. They suggest you use your garage if you have one or common sense if don't.

"Homeowners need to be careful not to leave valuables in your car. Don't let people see you bringing big boxes in and if you can, invest in an automatic doorbell.  Do it, it is worth the money," Lt. Dennard exclaimed.