Police trying to identify possible officer impersonator

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Police are trying to identify a man accused of possibly posing as a police officer, as he forced his way into a woman's doorway. 

"I was scared. If you looked at this man, you would think he was a police officer. You would never question his authority," the woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, told FOX 5. She described the way he displayed a badge and was dressed in tactical gear. 

The encounter happened in the 100 block of Kings Highway back in November 2018. 

The woman told FOX 5 the man pounded at her door, and after peering through a window and seeing what appeared to be an officer, she opened her door. 

"When I opened the door, he took his foot and put it in the door. He did it so forcefully, that he almost knocked me in my face," she said. 

According to investigators, the man started questioning the woman about her vehicle parked in the driveway. He told her the vehicle could be connected to robberies in the area. 

The woman said she tried to defend her innocence as her dog kept barking, and the man walked off; the woman said she never saw a police vehicle.  

Investigators said the man left the home and walked south on Kings Highway.

The woman tells FOX 5, she does not know his intentions, or if he wanted to force his way into her home.

"I do not want him to do it again," she said.  

The man police are searching for is described as about 5'9" with a stocky build, a mustache, and low haircut. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Decatur Police Department at 678-553-6664.