Police search for violent masked serial robber

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Police are searching for a masked robber who violently hit two stores in one night.

During one robbery, officers say he roughed up and elderly cashier who was doing her best to comply with his demands.

Spalding County authorities are thankful no one was seriously hurt but the robber remains on the run.

Video caught by the security camera at Sam's Package store on North Hill at Northside Drive shows the suspect armed with a handgun, wearing a mask and covered head to toe to hide his identity.

Police have only a vague description to go on.

"Head covered with a hood, dark jacket, black boots," Spalding County Sheriff's Office Sgt. John Attaway said. 

The man is seen roughing up the clerk and taking money out of the cash drawer at Sam's Package store. Attaway said the violence was totally unnecessary because the woman was doing her best to comply with his demands.

The second store hit was a RaceTrac on North Expressway in Spalding County. And there's no doubt that it's the same man involved in the first robbery at Sam's Package Store. At this store the man is seen to push the clerk, but he was not as violent as in the first robbery.

The only major clue investigators have is that the man was wearing what's called a Guy Fawkes mask like.

Investigators say they need the public's help in the case. With this kind of violence they are working fast to get this guy off the streets.