Police search for gunmen after shootout at gas station

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Henry County Police are trying to find some dangerous gunmen involved in a shootout outside a QuikTrip store near McDonough early Friday morning.

When the bullets had stopped flying, the men were gone, but bullet holes had riddled the car of a store employee at the QT on Highway 155.

“You can see where it came through from the back side and went down,” said the owner of the car who didn’t want his face shown.

Slugs pierced the roof of his Pontiac Grand Am, shattered the rear window and even broke off the driver’s side mirror of his car when he was inside QT at work.

“Everybody was working. Everything was going OK then all of a sudden everybody stopped and it was like you heard that. It was like did you hear that and somebody was like it sounded like gunshots outside,” said the car owner.

He also showed FOX 5 News where some of the shots hit the side of the building. Police said more slugs may have gone elsewhere, endangering customers and others.

Annette Smith, the mother of the car owner, was concerned about safety.

“It could have gone the wrong way horribly not just my son but other people who could have been out here,” said Smith.

Investigators told FOX 5 News it’s unclear what led to the shootout outside the QT between two or three individuals where one person used the employee’s car as a safety shield.

They are examining surveillance video and checking with hospitals for gunshot victims as they warn others about potential dangers.

“If you get yourself in a predicament where you’re in a situation such as that just try to separate yourself the best you can and try to be a good witness,” said Captain Joey Smith.

He said that includes taking pictures from a safe vantage point and providing information to police.

The owner of the bullet-riddled car wants anyone who may know anything about this dangerous shootout to come forward before someone gets hurt or worse.

“If you do know anything please speak up because this has got to stop,” he said.

He also told FOX 5 News he is a college student on a limited budget and only had liability insurance. He said he can’t afford to fix his car.

A spokesperson with QT told FOX 5 News people park at their stores at their own risk.

He added QT is working with Henry County Police to try to find the dangerous gunmen.