Police: ringleader of dangerous theft gang caught

Hundreds of rounds of ammunition, some of which was tucked away inside a sock, multiple guns and electronics are some of the items south metro police agencies said have been recovered from a car theft gang.

A major break in their investigation came on Tuesday when College Park Major Lance Patterson said the so-called ringleader was captured. His name is Donte Bell.

Patterson said thieves came back to a parking lot they had worked many times before, the Camp Creek Marketplace shops. An East Point Police officer, working out of a precinct that is on the retail property, spotted the 23-year-old Bell. He was eventually arrested.

College Park said the thieves have hit hundreds of cars over several months. The number one item they are looking for is a weapon. In case you become a theft victim and your gun is taken, investigators say it is best that you record the serial number. That information would allow police to input that information into a national database. Police say they may be able to get that weapon back to the legal owner.

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